A creative-minded individual

Nathan Kirschner, pure mysticism since 1984.

He’s got a great eye for design, but almost more important is his ear for listening to what it is you want and where you are going.
— Paul Arney, The Ale Apothecary


Connecticut born, Vermont grown, Oregon ripened. Currently distilling in the Tetons.

I am a U.S. based designer specializing in Branding, Graphic Design, Visual Design, UX, and Storytelling. I have a varied client list ranging from Oracle to The Ale Apothecary to Teton Gravity Research.



For the past fourteen years, I have been helping people conceptualize, design, and build their ideas in a multi-media landscape.

Whether you’re just getting started or marketing to the masses, I can help you establish an identity, design a website, create a magazine ad, animate a tutorial, make software look good, and more.